Control Tower

History of the Control Tower

Jules Buisseret Hannoteaux Gaston, Alfred and George Hubert Lenoble create Auto Moto Club Beaumont-Chimay.

First Grand Prix des Frontières May 9

Facilities for timing and the press are basic with two wooden huts, on both sides of the road, removable after the event.

Safety for the public comes down to a fence on the side of the road.

Small improvement with the addition of a large panel front rank timing. The public is down on the top of the slope.

No improvements in official facilities except a few stalls along the starting line.


We must wait the 25th anniversary of Grand Prix des Frontières to see the construction of the control tower worthy of this international event.

The start of the race sports cars in 1955. We can see under the bridge “Weiskirchen” the new control tower recently completed for this event. This building consists of three floors built stairs. The ground floor is reserved for the office of the race on the left and a press room on the right. Access is from the rear for all levels. The first floor is the living timing while the top small local 3 of 3 houses the speaker. The tower is also used for contributions and advertising is called “Tour Appolinaris.”

A picture of the tower. A security wall was built before and after the building.

The interior of office Official Jules Buisseret. The rear is reserved for displaying lists of drivers.


A view from the tower at the start of the Formula Junior cars.

We note that advertising on the tower is very popular. Appolinaris remains the main sponsor. Also we can see Dunlop, Legal and Caltex which can prove the credibility of the test. It must be remembered that circuit racing Borders bring 25,000 people to Chimay.

At that time, big names such as John Love, Tony Maggs, Joseph Siffert, André Pilette, José Rosinski participate in the test car. As far as Motorcycle is concerned, Frank Perris will be rider for Suzuki in the following years, Rudy Thalhammer, Ralf Rensen  and without forgetting Raymond Bogaerdt our compatriot.


Only car races.
Jules Buisseret abandoned the club management. The new management pro-auto deletes the motorcycle races at Chimay.
The company Rombouts sponsors the 36th Grand Prix des Frontières.

The big names Chimay in Formula 3 and Formula Ford.

Podium in front of the tower (left to right):  Gerry Birell, Claude Bourgoignie et Emerson Fittipaldi.

La société ELF succeeds Sinclair.

Fountain in front of the tower  Elf. The victory of this day belongs to David Purley on Brabham BT 28 to James Hunt on Lotus 59 and  Bourgoignie Claude on Lotus 59. The lap record is established by Hunt 3 ’19” 800 to 188,288 km / h.

Deleting racing cars because of the fatal accident Grauls in 1972. Racing motorcycle international characters are again organized.

Giagcomo Agostini in front of the tower in conversation with Phil Read and Kork Ballington.

The accident of Hervé Regout compromises the use of the tower. Departures will be given again for the last time in 1979.

350cc podium with the winner John Eckerold.


The public is still  so many to see the high-speed turn the Maladerie.

1985: Return of the Belgian Championship Group N

The control tower becomes a garage for the implementation of the installation equipment of the circuit. Vandals are breaking windows, tearing doors. Non-maintenance of the structure deteriorates strongly this local. It is currently in a state of disrepair. It would be a shame said Paul English the reporter of the newspaper Fearney Motor Sport to give up  a monument  with the glorious past.


The rest of the tower.


For public safety reasons, the control tower was demolished.

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